DLB Associates, LLC and D.G.Hubbard Enterprises, LLC registered PBMconcepts as a Joint Venture (JV) Partnership in Ottawa County, Michigan on April 2013, whose business is to publish books in the literature genre of "Project Business Management" (PBM). This genre includes the management disciplines establishing a Project Business Management Organization as a business function directed by an enterprises’ senior executives to institutionalize the systematic management of projects, project-programs, and project- portfolios in alignment with the objective to achieve strategic goals enterprise-wide within their organization.


PBM Mobius


 The company logo for PBMconcepts, JV is a Mobius strip also called a Mobius band, which ia twsted surface with only one side and only one boundary component. The symbology here, of using a two-dimensional object with only one side, is that the evolution of management within the broad field of project management is ongoing, never ending, and often retraces itself to be enhanced.