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Buidling Project Management Centers of Excellence

“In using the book Building Project Management Centers of Excellence, I found an extremely valuable resource to use as a proven roadmap to creating a Project or Program Management Office. The book showed a strategy to establish a PMO, challenges that can come up, as well as how to deal with them, and expectations associated with the creation of a PMO. Also valuable was the compact-disc of templates in the book. This book was used as a reference to help implement a PMO at an $8 Billion branch of the US government. As challenging as a large rollout can be, this book helped with explaining what to do, when to do it, and what to expect. The book is a must have for anyone building or managing a PMO.”

Tony Johnson, MBA, PMP
President, Crosswinds Project Management Training
Author of The PMP® Exam Success Series of Products

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“Over the last few years, the strategic management of corporate projects has been widely written about as a crucial requirement for current and future business success. Limited resources, lack of integration, and sub-optimization must be abandoned for a more pragmatic, structured approach to leveraging a multitude of corporate, divisional, and departmental projects, which often cover research and development, capital expansion, new products/product lines, and extensive process improvements. An executive or manager considering any ‘enterprise-level’ project management effort within their company should carefully review Section One of Building PMCOE before undertaking or progressing. Dennis Bolles provides insight on why the strategic PM efforts (via a Center of Excellence) need to be established as a ‘unique business function’ within an organization, rather than being an add-on to an existing function or department. Dennis Bolles provides a consultative approach with appropriate tools to support enterprise-wide project management efforts. This is not, however, a ‘one-size fits all’ solution. The author ‘describes’ key elements and processes needed for success, rather than prescribes them. Although the descriptions are fairly detailed, using the information provided in the book presumes a working knowledge/experience of project management to appreciate fully the important, but loosely integrated points. This book literally has something for everyone in the arena of project management offices: strategic perspective and insight for top managers and executives to ponder; practical tools and techniques to support a sound methodology; and many useful examples to tailor for your organization's needs!”

Ric Byham (Tampa, FL United States)
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“As Chief Project Leader for a major bank, I struggled with finding a ‘cookbook’ for setting up a Project Management Center of Excellence over one year ago. Fortunately, Dennis Bolles has written that cookbook so others will have a model to follow. This is an excellent guide for a step-by-step setup with pre-constructed templates in a helpful compact-disk that comes with the book. I highly recommend buying and using this book for creating a line-of-business and enterprise Centers of Excellence.”

Anne M. Cagle (Rock Hill, SC United States)
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“I have read your book Building Project Management Center of Excellence and I really think that it is one of the best, most practical books on the subject currently in the market. I feel obliged to thank you for this great effort.”

Abdullah Al-Osaimi
Chief Projects Planning and Control
Engineering and Project Management
SABIC (Jubail Industrial City), Saudi Arabia

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“Dennis Bolles book Building Project Management Centers of Excellence is a must read for anyone who strives for best practices, streamlined processes, and solid project management methodology. The book offers a sequential and methodical approach to establishing Project Management COE's that can increase an organization chances for successful business solution delivery every time. I am working at Cisco within a PMO office as a Senior Project Manager and they are quite matured in their PMO office related practices and methodologies. However, my parent company, Saama Technologies, Inc. is truly struggling with the concept and its associated practices. I am hoping that with the help of your book, we can also improve upon our internal project management activities.”

Khalil Sheikh,
Principal, Saama Technologies, Inc
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“I am enjoying your book, Building Project Management Centers of Excellence. The coverage of managing a project throughout its lifecycle is extremely relevant, valuable material. The chapters on the specific sections of the Project Management Methodology Guidelines are well-organized, and the Process Step Descriptions for each process are especially helpful.”

Cynthia Ung
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“In my opinion Dennis did a great job with this book: – he proved along he knows all the Project Management (PM) aspects from real life; – on CD, and in the book also, there are a lot of good templates, easy to adjust for other purposes. As he said in introductory part of the CD, they are "some basic tools and templates"; – the steps he figured out are perfect for the ones looking for a way to create Project Management Office (PMO).

If you are: – a beginner worker in PM, or PMO, I can say this book is enough to give you an idea what to look for, what to do and what to learn in future to improve you skills; an intermediate Project Manager, this book is great to consolidate your past expertise and to open new dimensions which helps you look into the future, plan your work in a professional way, double check your ideas/thoughts; – an expert Project Manager, do not expect this book will answer all your unanswered questions; it is an opinion, a very good one, tailored in such a way to be valid for a wide range of readers, with different expertise levels from various industries. The book is a good reference, information source and actionable tool.”

Chiranov Marcel (Bucuresti, Romania)
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