Building Project Management Centers of Excellence
Book Reviews
“Finally a book that examines the topic of building Project Management Centers of Excellence from someone who has been there and done it. I can't imagine the hours and dollars organizations will save by reading this book first. The guidelines, templates, and tables speak for themselves. As someone that has been involved in the startup of several different Project Management Offices within several industries, I indeed believe this book will stand up to the test of time. It’s a contribution that spans all industries.”

Richard Spector, PMP
Project Management Professional, Invensys
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“Mr. Bolles combines his extensive knowledge of project management with his 'real life' experiences in setting up Project Management Offices and Centers of Excellence. There is an excellent balance of theory and experience, offering both high-level planning and political considerations as well as detailed tools and techniques for implementing project offices. I also consider Building Project Management Centers of Excellence a must-read for managers, senior managers, and executives preparing themselves for the arduous task of establishing project management within their organizations.”

                                                              Jim Blodgett, PMP
                                                                Manager, America's IT Project Support Office, Quixtar Inc.

                                                               * * * * *

“I found the book to have great value to organizations that are serious about successfully implementing project management. The framework of the methodology is flexible to assist organizations at any level of project management maturity. I would consider this publication to be an important part of any organization's management library.”

Kelly M. Talsma, PMP
Project Manager, Quixtar Inc.
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“The enclosed compact-disk will save a tremendous amount of preparation and documentation time. Corporate human resource and training professionals are additionally aided by an extensive set of job competencies and position descriptions, as well as training curriculum suggestions. This book literally has something for everyone in the arena of project management offices: strategic perspective and insight for top managers and executives; practical tools and techniques to support a sound methodology; and useful examples to tailor for your organization’s needs.”

Richard N. Byham
President, Human Resources Techniques, Inc.
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