Building Project Centers of Excellence
by Dennis L. Bolles,

It's been shown again and again that business components from R & D to systems, engineering to manufacturing can benefit from a project-centered management approach. Now, organizations that have had success at the departmental or divisional level are taking the project management (PM) approach to new levels, adopting PM standards into across-the-board management philosophies and business strategies.

This model is known as the Project Management Center of Excellence. PMCoEs need every group within the organization to work under the PM model, but more important, they need the proper tools to implement PM standards in new areas. A crucial tool in developing project management objectives across the company, this book covers:

>Positioning project management as a business strategy

> Creating and managing an organizational PM portfolio

> Education, training, and internal PM certification programs

> Classifying projects, benchmarking, and mapping a methodology.

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PBMconcepts will be publishing a reprinted, retitled, updated paperback edition of this book during 2017.