The Power of Enterprise PMOs and Enterprise-Wide Project Management
Book Reviews

“If a single book can penetrate the complexities of the modern corporation and describe the essential ingredients in establishing enterprise-wide project management, this is it. After presenting the compelling case for institutionalizing project management as a core business management competency, yet acknowledging it requires dedication and commitment over an extended period of time, Dennis Bolles and Darrel Hubbard provide, in a straightforward step by step approach, the critical information the corporate leader needs to achieve world-class project management.”

Hugh Woodward, PMP
PMI Fellow, Past Chairman, Project Management Institute
* * * * * *

This book provides a wealth of information for the readers to functionally establish enterprise-wide project management processes and best practices in their organizations. [It] is comprehensive, practical, and lucid. Speaking for myself and not for NASA, JPL, or Caltech, I would rate this book as excellent and invaluable to forward-looking organizations.”

                    Dr. Peter T. Poon
                                   Telecommunications and Mission Systems Manager
                                     Jet Propulsion Laboratory California Institute of Technology
                           * * * * *

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