Praises for…. A Compendium of PMO Case Studies -Volume II 

Volume II Back CoverA Compendium of PMO Case Studies – Volume II is a tremendous resource for executives in project-oriented enterprises, existing project/program/portfolio management offices (PMOs), leaders in organizations who wish to establish a strategic PMO, and consultants who coach PMOs. Bolles and Hubbard have carefully crafted an exquisite survey framework, encouraged a great sampling of global organizations to complete the survey, and masterfully mined a range of incredibly useful insights. Thanks to the diligence of the participating PMO execu­tives, who assuredly gained deep insights of their own through their survey involvement, we too can gain from their experiences. Speaking as a consultant who has set up, coached, and improved PMO performance for projects, programs, and enterprises since the early 1980s, I believe there is more shared wisdom in this book than readers can possibly access anywhere else.”

Stacy A. Goff
Chief Executive Officer, Project Experts ®
International Project Management Association (IPMA) Honorary Fellow

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“The Second Volume of PMO Case Studies by Dennis Bolles and Darrel Hubbard is a goldmine of hands-on information that serves up best practices to implement, as well as pitfalls to avoid. This volume gives organizations an excellent yardstick to assess and measure their own performance, and Bolles and Hubbard do an excellent job of making challenging information highly accessible and usable.”

Andy Crowe, PMP
Chief Executive Officer, Velociteach

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“This is not another book by a consultant prescribing the theoretically best way to organize a PMO. Rather, it is a series of case studies describing exemplary PMOs that are creating sustainable value for their organizations. As such, Dennis Bolles and Darrel Hubbard have compiled a veritable treasure trove of ideas, advice, and even watch-outs, for establishing and leading PMOs in industries as diverse as healthcare, communications, energy, and mining, and in geographies spanning the globe. It is both a must-read, and an ongoing reference, for PMO leaders and executive sponsors aspiring to improve their organizations’ project delivery.”

Hugh Woodward, PMP, PMI Fellow
President of Macquarie Business Concepts

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"In their newest book, Dennis L. Bolles and Darrel G. Hubbard add to their long years of contribution to the body of knowledge for PMOs, which started in 1997 with a first PMI Seminar on PMOs in Chicago developed and presented by Dennis. After setting the stage in the first section of this book, they move on to presenting their 2015 research and its summary results in Section II and III, delineating how PMOs have proven their ability to deliver a wide variety of projects. In Section IV, they document the core of this book, which contains eight real life PMOs of significant organizations like UNOPS, Mayo Clinic, and Doe Run. This book will enable readers to identify dependable practices in a structured way and to provide an excellent view of the current state of art in PMOs. A must read for consultants and managers who want to understand how to be successful with PMOs."

Thomas Walenta, PgMP, PMP, PMI Fellow

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“This book provides an important opportunity for those organizations that desire to im­prove the performance of their project portfolios and maximize the benefits that are delivered. The authors’ PBMO Framework and Model provides the basis for the use of case studies as a powerful tool, which will help others to create a PMO that be­comes the vehicle to facilitate the planning and implementation of their organizational strategy.”

Santiago Villarroel A
PMO Deputy Manager
Entel S.A.

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“The PMO case studies collected and published by Dennis Bolles and Darrel Hubbard are an invaluable resource for those engaged in enterprise program/project management (P/PM), and especially those moving up the P/PM maturity ladder. When PMO leaders and their executive sponsors can understand and demonstrate the business value of their efforts, then organizations really can become more productive and successful.”

David L. Pells
Managing Editor, PM World Journal

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“The most effective method of learning is not through theory but from the experiences of those who have gone before. This book offers practical examples of lessons learned for portfolio, program, and project management. It will be valuable whether your organization is considering creating a PMO or whether the organization already has an established PMO and is looking to provide sustained value. This book not only explains PMO principles but also illustrates PMO theory through case studies from high-performing PMOs and specific examples of how PMOs are organizationally positioned and function within enterprises. The book provides answers to those tough questions from ‘How do I gain executive support for chartering a PMO?’ to “What are the best practices for meas­uring project success?’ This book provides the information you need to establish and operate a PMO, allowing you to benefit from the experiences of others.”

Denise Callahan, PMP
Director, PMO and Strategic Planning
The Doe Run Company
Finalist, 2010 PMO of the Year

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“PMOs take on different forms and fill different roles. Case studies that describe PMOs that are seen as creating value in their organizations such as those offered in this two-volume set are a precious resource for those that wish to better understand PMOs. Thank you Dennis and Darrel for this important contribution to the literature on PMOs. I am sure that your readers will find this helpful. “

Dr. Brian Hobbs, PMP
Professor, Project Management Research Chair
School of Management, University of Quebec at Montreal

“Dennis Bolles and Darrel Hubbard have done an outstanding work in compiling PMO case studies from different industries and sectors. This book contains a wealth of excellent advice about setting-up and managing PMOs based on practical experiences. The authors have managed to bring together a set of lessons learned that will help project management professionals globally increase the maturity of their organizations. This compendium is a fantastic reference to establish and improve the performance of your PMO.”

Ricardo Viana Vargas, PMP
Director, Sustainable Project Management Practice Group
United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)

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A Compendium of PMO Case Studies – Volume II continues to provide a thorough analysis of functioning PMOs. The true benefit comes from reality rather than the pure theory espoused in most PMO books. The value for me was to apply other organizations lessons learned to our process improvement. Our Lean Organization saw this as a great value add as we were able to remove non-valued add steps from our process based on those case studies.

Geree Streun, PMP
President, GVSoftware Solutions, Inc.
Author Chapters 3 and 4, PMBOK© Guide Third Edition

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“In their latest book, A Compendium of PMO Case Studies – Volume II, Dennis Bolles and Darrel Hubbard present new ideas that have proven to be effective in high-performing PMOs. The quick rate at which PMOs have matured since they released Volume I is captured in the great diversity of the companies and industries represented by the case studies. The information clearly illustrates the latest PMO trends: increased responsibilities, more projects and high levels of complexity being managed by today’s PMOs. Regardless of their level of experience, or whether or not they work in a PMO, all project managers will be able to find new ideas and approaches to apply. For those lucky enough to work in an organization that has a PMO, many tried and true ideas are presented that will be immediately applicable.”

Ruth Anne Guerrero, MBA, PMP
President, Ruth Anne Guerrero Project Management Consulting, LLC
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This is a “must have” book for anyone thinking about establishing an enterprise PMO or making significant im­provements to their existing PMO. It clearly demonstrates that highly successful PMOs need not look the same, act the same, or be the same. Successful PMOs are as diverse as people are. I view this book as a cookbook for successful PMOs. Choose the type of PMO you are aspiring to become, follow the recipe, and see how you like it. If it does not meet your taste, try another recipe. This is a book you will want to have in your library.

Victor L Allen, PMP
Director – Project Management Office
DTE Energy Company

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