A Compendium of PMO Case Studies – Volume I    Table of Contents

Praise for A Compendium of PMO Case Studies – Volume I

Section I   Project Business Management Constructs and Models
    Chapter 1   Project Business Management (PBM) Organization
          1.1       Project Business Management Organization – The Construct
          1.2       Project Business Management Organization – The Model
    Chapter 2   Element Components of PBM Organization Model
          2.1       Governance
          2.2       Methodology
          2.3       Capability
          2.4       Planning
          2.5       Execution
          2.6       PBM Office
          2.7       Sustainability
    Chapter 3   Project Business Management – The Construct and Model
          3.1       Project Business Management – The Construct
          3.2       Project Business Management – The Model

Section II   Research Methodology and Instrument
    Chapter 4   Research Methodology
          4.1       1997 through 2006 PMO Research Methodology
          4.2       2012 Research Methodology
    Chapter 5   2012 Research Instrument
          5.1       Enterprise Information
          5.2       PMO Demographics and Structure Information
          5.3       Background, Innovations, Best Practices, and Future Impact
          5.4       Governance Information
          5.5       Methodology Information
          5.6       Capability Information
          5.7       Business Planning Information
          5.8       Business Execution Information
          5.9       Sustainability Information
          5.10     Other Information

Section III Results and Conclusions
    Chapter 6   Research Results
          6.1       Demographic Data Analysis
               6.1.1   Industries Represented
               6.1.2   Products and Services Represented
               6.1.3   PMO Function Titles
               6.1.4   PMO Function within Enterprise Structure
               6.1.5   PMO Positioning and Its Affects
               6.1.6   PMO Size
               6.1.7   Other Assessment Items
          6.2       Contextual Response Analysis – Business Questions
               6.2.1   PMO Vision, Mission, and Scope/Goals
               6.2.2   PMO Innovations and Best Practices
               6.2.3   PMOs Impact on the Enterprise Organizations
               6.2.4   PMO’s Value Added to the Enterprise
               6.2.5   PMO Future Impact
          6.3        Contextual Response Analysis – PBM Organization Elements
               6.3.1   Governance
               6.3.2   Methodology
               6.3.3   Capability
               6.3.4   Planning
               6.3.5   Execution
               6.3.6   PBM Office
               6.3.7   Sustainability
               1997 – 2006 PMO Survey – Sustainability
                2012 PMO Case Study Research – Sustainability
    Chapter 7   Conclusions
          7.1       PMO Implementation and Maturation Challenges
          7.2       Benefits and Value Delivered by PMOs
          7.3       PMO Function and Authority
          7.4       PMO Roles and Responsibilities in the Future
          7.5       PMO’s Authority In the Future
          7.6       Future Positioning of the PMO
          7.7       Executive Blending of Portfolio, Program, and Project Management
          7.8       What Level of Organizational Autonomy Will PMOs Have?
          7.9       Summary

Section IV   PMO Case Studies

Typical Case Studies Section Outline
         S-1 Enterprise and PMO Office Survey Information
         S-2 Background, Innovations, and Impact
         S-3 PMO Model Components
    Chapter 8   AmeriHealth Mercy Family of Companies PMO Case Study
    Chapter 9   Banco Hipotecario PMO Case Study
    Chapter 10   The Doe Run Company PMO Case Study
    Chapter 11   EMC Insurance Companies PMO Case Study
    Chapter 12   ILLUMINAT PMO Case Study
    Chapter 13   Merchants Insurance Group PMO Case Study
    Chapter 14   Nationwide PMO Case Study
    Chapter 15   Railinc PMO Case Study
    Chapter 16   Southern California Edison PMO Case Study
    Chapter 17   University of Utah Health Care PMO Case Study
    Chapter 18   VSP Vision Care PMO Case Study

             The Future of the PMO
             The Next Generation of the PMO
             Sand Boxes and Rice Bowls

Appendix    1997-2006 PMO Survey Instrument and Results
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