More Praises for…. A Compendium of PMO Case Studies -Volume I
"This work fills a significant need for PMO leaders, worldwide, across all industries, and in both the Private and Public Sectors. Texts on PMOs usually suffer for lack of adequate coverage of the varieties of models that can be implemented, and the absence of grounding and relevant "in the trenches", real life stories and lessons learned. Both of these deficiencies have been beautifully rectified by Bolles and Hubbard, in a book that is the best of its kind. The inclusion of the in-depth theoretical underpinnings for designing, building and sustaining a "fit-for-purpose" PMO is balanced logically against the realities in the case studies provided. Very Highly Recommended!"

Devanand (Dev) Ramcharan
Canadian Partnership Against Cancer
Director, Delivery Management Office

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"This book is the next installment in defining the future of Project and Portfolio Management. Dennis and Darrel have succeeded in refining a future course for this critical management discipline.  Anyone connected to project, program, portfolio management or change management of any kind will benefit from reading this  book.  The authors keep this discipline highly relevant at both the practitioner  and executive levels through a continued focus on the realization of business  value.  This book is timely, insightful and thought-provoking."

Greg Miller, Vice President, PMO
CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield
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"This book is the most complete guide of real case studies about project offices described by organizations around the world. It contains real world reports from organization who are sharing how their PMO is implementing the Project Business Management practices that Dennis and Darrel have written about in their previous books. The PMO case studies include a wide variety where there are no two similar Project Offices and there are no two similar implementations.  If you are a sponsor or a senior manager that needs to understand what kind of project office is the best approach for you, then please  take a look at this book first in order to improve your decision."

Lic. Alberto G. Sirvent, MBA, PMP
Manager of Strategic Project Office
Banco Hipotecario
S.A., Buenos Aires, Argentina
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"This book draws insight from those actually in the trenches; it relates how things have advanced (and how they are advancing today) in the project management arena.  This is a book that every PMO Department library must have!  Around the real-life scenarios and case studies, the supporting and descriptive text – just like it was done in the earlier go-to reference book 'The Power of Enterprise-wide Project Management' – is very practically written and succinct, so as to not bog down experienced readers / professionals with an overdose of theory. If you are responsible for advancing project management in your organizations, this is an opportunity to obtain something special."

Kenneth J. Fitzgerald, Vice President
Director – Program Management Office (PMO)
EMC Insurance Companies (Employers Mutual Casualty Company)

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"A Compendium of PMO Case Studies: Reflecting Project Business Management Concepts is a pragmatic reference for anyone interested in combining “Best-of-Breed” practices and real-world examples from field practitioners at the enterprise and executive level who are implementing project, program, and portfolio management offices.  The “art” of applying the right approach with underlying operational support will vary for each organization depending on their business goals, strategic initiatives,  and executive vision.  This book provides a toolkit with hands-on references and contact information for those of us who are passionate about maximizing business value and realizing business benefits across an entire enterprise."

Barbara Bostian, PMP, MPM
Director, Project Management Office
Railinc – Wholly-owned subsidiary of Association of American Railroads
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"There is a growing recognition of the synergies that exist between corporate strategic direction, project management, improved efficiencies and good, sound business  management.  Companies that effectively structure their organizations to properly integrate those functions will prove more successful in the future than their competition.  This book provides a practical approach to that integration, and supports that approach with extensive research and case studies."

John F. Bodensteiner, CFA
Assistant Vice President Strategic Planning & Analysis
Merchants Insurance Group
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"Business efficiency, and more important effectiveness, is driving more mature approaches to the execution and achievement of business plans and targeted objectives. However, leaders in many organizations struggle to find appropriate guidance that is  mature enough to apply to increasing levels of complexity and challenges that the current global economy provides. The concept of the Project Business Management Organisation discussed in this book could well be the ‘model for success’ that has eluded those striving for matrix management success. The structure of the book around context, discussion, research and case studies offers rigor to the ideas, concepts and models offered. The book should provide solid guidance and reference to those seeking to better align strategy to execution and goal achievement."

Iain Fraser, PMP, PMI Fellow, Past Chair, PMI Board of Directors 
CEO, Project Plus Ltd

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"Benefits Realisation and Value Creation have become the ‘mantras’ for achieving project management success. But how do you deliver these? Dennis Bolles and Darrel Hubbard show how this can be done  in practice through a collection of industry case studies on Project Business Management Offices (PBMO) in their latest book titled A Compendium of PMO Case Studies: Reflecting Project Business Management Concepts. Their recent book is a must read for leaders where the authors have followed up the ideas that they espouses in their bestseller The Power of Enterprise-Wide Project Management with some implementable ideas."

Shankar Sankaran, Associate Professor
Course Director, PM School of the Buisness Environment
University of Technology Sydney
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"This book expands the concept of Project Management from task to strategic capability. It draws upon a wealth of information from theory and practice to educate middle and senior management about the potential to improve business performance through a  project management office.  Dennis Bolles and Darrel Hubbard then provide practical guidance to help organizations gain additional value from Projects."

Nigel Williams, Senior Lecturer Project Management
Course Leader Engineering Business Management
The Business School University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

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