1997 through 2006 PMO Research Methodology

Availability of compiled data that identified the issues affecting the development, organization structure, and operation of project offices in enterprises across multiple industries was generally non-existent in the mid-1990’s. Establishing project management organizations to facilitate the adoption of project management practices in various business units was an immerging concept at that time.

In 1997 a two-day PMI seminar entitled “Project Support Office: A Framework for Development” was produced and presented by Dennis Bolles at the PMI Symposium in Chicago, IL to sixty-three participants. Bolles then presented the seminar at five additional locations in the United States as part of the PMI seminars program in 1998 with over 200 participants attending these five sessions. We began collecting case study data from the 1997/1998 seminar participants with our PMO data collection continuing today.

The methodology used was a PMO Survey tool, built from the key questions asked by the seminar participants, which contained 34 questions that were organized into the three phases of establishing a PMO:

  • Phase One: Obtain Approval for the PMO (13 questions)
  • Phase Two: Assess the Current Situation (19 questions)
  • Phase Three: Document the PMO Design (2 questions)

The 1997-2006 survey tool was designed to require only short sentence fragment answers, or just the check-the-box, for specific data items. The detailed report of the 1997-2006 PMO Survey is available on the publisher’s website www.PBMconcepts.com. The specific questions utilized in the 1997-2006 PMO Survey Tool, the type of responses requested, and a summary of the survey results are contained in the Appendix to our third book, A compendium of PMO Case Studies – Volume I, published in 2012 and contained in the final chapter (#27) of our book The Power of PMOs and Enterprise-Wide Project Management. The book can be ordered under the menu "Order Books" on this website.

If you would like a copy of the compiled survey responses report please go to http://www.pbmconcepts.com/contact-us (on the main menue) and complete the request for information and ask for the 1997-2006 survey report.