Performs Executive review of business goals and strategies to determine adjustments to be addresses by a PBMO.

Conducts on-site Project Business Management Organization capability assessments:

  • Assess the alignment of project and operational work to achieve business strategies and objectives.
  • Assess requirements to integrate operations management and project business management systems
  • Assess the pace of innovation.
  • Assess the level of resistance to cultural changes to improve performance, achieve business strategies and objectives.
  • Assess changes required to systems, processes, and tools to meet PBMO alignment requirements.
  • Assists enterprise Project Management Organization (PMO) start-up teams begin the planning and implementation.
  • Conducts virtual and periodic on-site support for development of business and project management methodologies, policies, procedures, processes. systems, tools, and templates for organizational governance and corporate strategy.
  • Assists in the implementation of a project business management methodology that integrates Operation Business Management and Project Business Management strategic planning, business objective development processes to achieve strategic objectives and maximize operational efficiency enterprise-wide through the development and management of Project Management Organizations.

Performs organization and enterprise Key Note speaking engagements.

Performs PBMO Webinars.

Performs PBMO Planning and Implementation Workshops.