• Led a Herman Miller Government Sales team that developed a $124 million RFQ, which was awarded a contract by the U. S. Government Social Security Administration, to install new office systems within 10,000 of their facilities within a four-year period. Developed the MS Project schedule for the proposal that involved creating separate schedules for each of the designated twelve regional dealers who would be responsible for coordination and implementation of the projects within their regions. These twelve regional schedules where linked to a Master MS Project Schedule to provide a means to simultaneously track and report progress of all projects in all regions of the program.
  • Led a team that performed a Project Management Maturity Assessment (PMMA) Service for the General Motors PowerTrain Division that included workflow process mapping of supply chain vendor’s process capabilities to meet deliveries on-time and within budget. Developed and managed the project team who performed the on-site PMMA supply chain assessments of six equipment suppliers involving their respective executives, management team members, and project managers.
  • Led a virtual multi-nation project team through the development of a plan to implement GM Chevrolet Division Materials Management IT Systems in Brazilian operations, which involved establishing a project office that coordinated the efforts of 19 sub-team locations within the U.S. and South America. Developed and supervised implementation of the project master schedule to integrate the development and implementation team activities.
  • Led the project support office for launching a new health care system product for Milcare Health Care Systems (Herman M Inc. Subsidiary) containing a new high technology bed-side drug dispensing cart containing an on-board state-of- the art computer system, RF communications for real-time data transfer to the pharmacy system, bar-code scanning system to validate patient/dosage/timing records and update drug distribution with the on-board inventory records.Led the business team through the development of workflow business process mapping to support the 7/24 operations required to support this new product. Led the project team through the process of developing the project schedule and managed the weekly updates and progress reporting to the executives.
  • Led FKI, Inc., an automotive tier-one supplier, project office teams as Manager, Commercial Administration through multiple launch projects that exceeded customer timing and budget expectations on multi-million dollar new vehicle launch programs for General Motors, Ford, Daimler Chrysler, Honda Motors and Toyota Motors. Developed the processes for creating project schedules and trained the staff I hired to manage the projects. Responsible for RFQ estimating and development of the project master schedules for the $50M Honda and $50M Toyota programs, both of which involved multiple products in each vehicle program. Responsible for negotiating the product delivery cost with all FKI’s client purchasing agents.
  • Led Donnelly Corp., a multiple functional tier one automotive supplier, business teams through business / operation workflow process re-engineering / process improvement projects that increased efficiency and reduced operating costs. Supervised the project teams developing project master schedules and detail schedules for their respective projects. Authored and taught schedule development to engineers and program managers across the IT and operations organization.
  • Resource consultant hired to develop a Telecommuting Market Research and Cost Benefit Evaluation process for the Home Office Products Group of Herman Miller, Inc.
  • Led a virtual PMI Standards project team of 300+ volunteers world-wide to a successful completion and on-time delivery of the PMI ANSI Standard PMBOK® Guide Third Edition in 2004. Developed and managed the project schedule.